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Career Guides

Career profiles

Members of the Doctors-in-Training Council—past and present—work in a range of specialties. Find out how they chose their specialty, what it's like to work in that area on an average day and more information that might be of assistance to you in deciding on your future career. To read their career profiles, click on the names below:

Dr James Blackett (Orthopaedic Surgery) [pdf]

Dr Elizabeth Conner (nee Carr) (Ophthalmology) [pdf]

Dr Emily Gill (General Practice) [pdf]

Dr Kathryn Hagen (Anaesthesia) [pdf]

Dr Jimmy Johnston (Urology) [pdf]

Dr Staverton (Tony) Kautoke (Medical education) [pdf]

Dr Dayna More (General Practice) [pdf]

Dr Anna Morrow (nee Choi) [pdf]