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Have Your Own GP

Do you have your own GP? Who is your healthcare provider?

Just because you can write a script for yourself does not mean you should. In fact the body that allows you to practice in New Zealand—the Medical Council—is pretty blunt in their document 'Statement on providing care to yourself and those close to you' that self-prescribing and being doctor to yourself is completely unacceptable.


"Every doctor should have his or her own general practitioner because an individual doctor cannot provide objective assessment of his or her own condition... Self assessment may impair judgement about the diagnosis or treatment. Concern about personal and professional commitments may mean that you do not seek and receive proper care."

Frequent moves around the country and long working hours mean RMOs face many barriers to finding and booking in with a GP.

Try looking at www.healthpoint.co.nz, a useful resource for finding a local clinic that is taking on new patients and is actually open at a time you can attend it.

Many clinics also allow you to book online through either www.connectmed.co.nz or www.managemyhealth.co.nz, however you may need to enrol with them before this.

Health is an investment, and tying in with a GP is an investment you should make.

Once you have a GP, it is important to keep up to date with routine health checks, these will depend on your age and risk factors but include blood pressure, lipids, cancer screening, vaccinations (whooping cough, tetanus etc).