Everyone knows that exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. When you’re busy, however, it can be easy to find excuses and hard to find the time to get enough exercise.

The benefits of exercise:

1. Increase energy

2. Improve your mood and mental wellbeing

3. Promote better sleep

4. Improve concentration

5. Control your weight

Increased energy, better sleep and increased concentration will help you work more efficiently and study more effectively.

How to fit exercise into your busy schedule:

  1. Start by finding something that you enjoy doing
  2. Find a friend to exercise with—you can motivate each other
  3. Don’t try activities that are unsustainable—instead find a manageable exercise and aim to spend 20-30 minutes/day doing it. It’s not about short-term gains; it’s about finding something you can manage long term.
  4. Mix it up—Find a few different activities so that you don’t get tired of the same thing
  5. Try exercising before work—you’ll feel more alert at work and won’t have to worry about managing it at the end of a busy day.