Vision 2020: Partnership For Care

The NZMA and the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand have developed a vision statement to offer a strategic direction for the way in which the professions can work together.

Underpinning this vision statement is the commitment from the two professions, made through their respective Boards, to work together in integrated and collaborative health practice with a view to improving patient care and health outcomes.

The two Boards have approved the vision statement, which provides six vision areas for which the professions will identify five-year objectives and goals.

The six vision areas are:
1. The Patient’s Healthcare Journey
2. Health Professional Roles
3. A Shared Working Environment
4. Services
5. Professional Competence and Ethics
6. Payment Arrangements for Services

The vision does not belong just to the respective organisations but to the professions themselves. The hard work starts now to confirm the objectives and goals to be implemented between 2015 and 2020.

We believe this is a significant step forward in the collaboration between the two professions, which will result in a more integrated primary health care approach and better outcomes for our patients.