The New Zealand Medical Teaching Awards Presentation

The inaugural New Zealand Medical Teaching Awards were presented at the New Zealand Medical Students Association (NZMSA) Gala Dinner Saturday 28 April, by NZMA Chair Dr Kate Baddock and NZMSA President Doctor-in-training Jibi Kunnethedam.

Congratulations to Dr Helen Pike from Blenheim who was awarded the Senior Medical Officer Teaching Awards, and Dr Aaron Ooi from Hamilton who was awarded the Resident Medical Officer Teaching Award.

The New Zealand Medical Teaching Award was introduced to recognise the positive impact that many doctors have—through their commitment to teaching and the Hippocratic Oath—and to encourage the development of a positive clinical teaching culture and environment for the benefit of students, staff and ultimately patients.

The award gives us a chance to praise what is laudable, to recognise those who might not otherwise have been noted, and to create a positive and encouraging atmosphere where we can be inspired by champions of professionalism.


Helen Pike 2017 Recipient


Aaron Ooi 2017 Recipient


Dr Helen Pike, 2017 SMO Recipient                                         Dr Aaron Ooi, 2017 RMO Recipient