PSAAP Meets 30 May 2018

Joint statement from PSAAP meeting 30 May 2018

The PSAAP Group discussed the package of new initiatives announced in Government’s May Budget 2018. The Minister of Health and Heather Simpson, newly appointed Chair of the Health System Review Group attended part of the meeting.  The Minister of Health outlined key priorities including equity, a strong public health system, mental health and primary health care and how the primary health care system could enable and support equitable outcomes for New Zealanders.  The Minister emphasised that the broader review would prioritise Primary health care, and that it would require a Primary health care reference group. The Minister and Ms Simpson also discussed the draft Terms of Reference and proposed timeframes for the health system review.

The Group reached agreement on the following items:

The annual rate increase of 2.38% for first contact funding, 2.36% for Very Low Cost Access (VLCA), Under 6s and Under 13s, and 2% for CarePlus, Health Promotion, Management Services and Services to Improve Access (SIA).  The new rates take effect from 1 July 2018.

Two additional payments for Contracted Providers were agreed:

For administering Zoster vaccine when administered at the same time as the Influenza vaccine, and

For completing medical examinations for substance addiction under the Substance Addiction (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act 2017.

Joint planning and discussions will continue on implementing the new initiatives announced in Budget 2018. It was also agreed that further work would occur regarding further improvements to Primary care funding for Budget 2019.


On behalf of

All PSAAP Group