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NZMA Releases Election Manifesto – Where Are The Health Policies?

In anticipation of October’s General Election, New Zealand Medical Association has released its election manifesto, outlining policies to improve health and wellbeing of New Zealanders.

As the election fast approaches, the major political parties hoping to form the new Government have released little information on health policies, aside from those surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kate Baddock, NZMA Chair, believes this is not good enough. “Where are the health policies that improve our health system and support the people working in it?”

“Elections are about the policies, positions and commitments of competing Parties for the public to vote on and we have seen nothing as yet on what affects the health and wellbeing of each and every New Zealander.”

The manifesto calls on political parties to commit to policies that support and improve health, and outlines key pillars to address in health policy. These include health investment priorities, general practice sustainability, public health, Māori health and health equity, and climate change and planetary health.

Download the full Manifesto, and read our media release.