Where Are The Health Policies?

Where are the health policies from the political Parties hoping to form the new Government? 

The health of all New Zealanders is more than just Covid-19 which has dominated our health agenda the past months.

Dr Kate Baddock,Chair of the New Zealand Medical Association asks: “Where are the health policies that improve our health system and support the people working init. 

“Where are the health policies that invest in public health, Maori health and mental health and where is the critically needed investment in primary care?

“Where is the health policy to remove the barriers to care for vulnerable and high need patients

“Where are the health and other social policies that focus on equity?

“Elections are about the policies, positions and commitments of competing Parties for the public to vote on and we have seen nothing as yet on what affects the health and wellbeing of each and every New Zealander."

NZMA has developed a ‘Manifesto for Health’ outlining Policies to improve this Nation’s health onMāori Health and Health Equity, the Public’s Health, General Practice Sustainability, Health Investment Priorities and Climate Change and Planetary Health.  



For further information please contact:

Diana Wolken

NZMA Communications Manager


027 553 5545