Professor Doug Sellman And Co-Authors Recipients Of The 2018 New Zealand Medical Association’s Robinson Award

The New Zealand Medical Association’s 2018 Richard Robinson Award goes to Professor Doug Sellman and co-authors Ria Schroder, Daryle Deering, Jane Elmslie, James Foulds and Chris Frampton.

The Robinson Award is given for excellence in medical writing and a clinically relevant manuscript. It is given at the discretion of the New Zealand Medical Journal’s Editor in Chief Professor Frank Frizelle and brings with it $2,000 of sponsorship.

The medical research manuscript Psychosocial enhancement of the Green Prescription for obesity recovery: a randomised controlled trial was published in the New Zealand Medical Journal in February 2017 and illustrates medical research at its best.

Professor Frizelle said: “This manuscript makes sense of one of the global issues affecting health today and I am thrilled to present this award to Doug and his team for their stellar work in highlighting this issue and in a way that everyone can understand.”

“I’m delighted, and honestly my team and I are overwhelmed to receive this award,” said Professor Sellman. “It recognises that obesity is a fundamental challenge for health care systems today and it is critical that we assist the thousands of people already suffering from obesity and prevention in primary care. I am so very grateful to Frank and the NZMA for making this Award possible.”

“Receiving this award means we have additional funding that goes to Kia Ākina a charitable trust that supports and encourages people to overcome obesity and live a better quality of life.”

NZMA thanks MAS for sponsoring this award that highlights New Zealand’s leading-edge medical research.


Background information


The New Zealand Medical Association (NZMA) is the country's foremost pan-professional medical organisation in New Zealand representing the collective interests of all doctors. Members come from all disciplines within the medical profession, and include specialists, general practitioners, doctors-in-training and medical students. NZMA is a strong advocate on medico-political issues, with a strategic programme of advocacy with politicians and officials at the highest levels.


The New Zealand Medical Journal is a peer-reviewed medical journal. It is the official journal of the New Zealand Medical Association. It was established in September 1887 by the New Zealand Branch of the British Medical Association. The present editor-in-chief is Frank Frizelle.


MAS is a membership-based society for professional people with over 29,000 members. Because we have experience dealing with professionals, we understand the specific needs you have. Traditionally we’ve drawn on the health professions and their families for the majority of membership.

Kia Akina

Kia Ākina is a Māori phrase which literally means “be supported and encouraged”. Encouragement and support from others in the network, “fellow travellers”, is the main reason for the community to exist. Kia Ākina is a safe and positive place for people with obesity to gain awareness and motivation to undertake personal experiments with their lifestyle, while working towards recovery from obesity.

Professor Frank Frizelle

Frank is the Head of Department for the Department of Surgery, University of Otago, Christchurch. He is also Professor of Colorectal Surgery at Christchurch Hospital and Editor in Chief of the New Zealand Medical Journal…

Professor Doug Sellman – see University of Otago for co-authors‘ information

Doug Sellman has been working in the addiction treatment field since 1985. He has been Director of the National Addiction Centre, Christchurch School of Medicine & Health Sciences since its inception in 1996 and Professor within the University of Otago since 2006.His clinical work since 1994 has been as consultant psychiatrist to the alcohol and drug stream of the Youth Specialty Service in Christchurch…