NZMA Welcomes Long Awaited Fluoridation Change

19 March 2021

The New Zealand Medical Association (NZMA) is welcoming the recently announced Government decision to hand over decision-making on water fluoridation to the Director-General of Health.

NZMA has petitioned for a number of years for changes to water fluoridation legislation, and Chair Dr Kate Baddock said handing over control to the Director-General is in everyone’s best interests.

“Water fluoridation is an essential public health measure, and handing responsibility to a centralised, national decision-maker ensures the best protection for the entire population.”

“We encourage the government to continue with bold legislative change to promote oral health, which will in turn promote health equity.”

Dr Baddock says measures such as sugar taxes and comprehensive, affordable dental care as part of primary care should be health priorities for the government, as part of an overall preventative approach to oral health.

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For further information please contact:

Madeleine Boles de Boer, NZMA Acting Communications Manager