NZMA Supports Pro-Vaccination Stand

The New Zealand Medical Association supports Dr Lance O’Sullivan’s stand against the misinformation being peddled by anti-vaccination agitators, and deplores the personal attacks made against him and his family.

“Evidence-based medicine is at the heart of what we, as doctors, do,” says NZMA Chair Dr Kate Baddock. “A key principle in our Code of Ethics is that—as a profession—we adhere to the scientific basis for medical practice.

“Children are the most vulnerable members of our society. It is our responsibility to ensure they receive the protection against infectious diseases that vaccination can provide. The harm caused by those who work against this is life-threatening.

“Vaccination has saved millions of lives worldwide. In New Zealand, we are fortunate that we can freely give this care to our children. We urge parents to seek advice from qualified healthcare providers, rather than follow the views of a proven fraud, who was struck off the medical register for his lies.”