NZMA Supports Call For National Rare Disorder Framework

NZMA adds its voice to Rare Disorders NZ’s (RDNZ) call for the development of a National Rare Disorder Framework in New Zealand, supporting the over 300,000 New Zealanders living with a rare disorder.

In a letter presented to the Minister of Health on Monday, RDNZ, with the support of NZMA, is calling for a National Rare Disorder Framework, the next step toward inclusive health policy and a healthcare system that is fair for people with rare disorders

“Health equity is crucial to our healthcare system, and equitable healthcare for people with rare disorders is no different” says NZMA Chair Dr Kate Baddock. “Those living with a rare disorder in New Zealand face inequitable access to diagnosis, treatment, and care. There is significant opportunity to enact meaningful change in our health policy that will benefit those living with a rare disorder and their whanau, and recognise them as a national health priority.”

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