NZMA Celebrates 10 Years Smokefree

Ten years ago yesterday New Zealand’s smokefree legislation was extended to include all workplaces and hospitality venues. The New Zealand Medical Association is delighted to celebrate that anniversary.

“The NZMA has  a long history of anti-tobacco advocacy, including a successful call in 1963 for a ban on cigarette advertising,” says NZMA Chair Dr Mark Peterson.

“As a founding member of the Smokefree Coalition, we are pleased with the progress made towards making New Zealand completely smokefree. We also note we have some way to go on that path.

“Cigarette smoking is the single largest cause of preventable death in New Zealand. Many steps remain that can be taken to cut the rates of death and disease caused by smoking.

“The NZMA continues to advocate for plain packaging and supports continued increases in taxes on tobacco products to move us closer to the target of a smokefree country.”