NZ Supports College Advice To Move To Remote Consultation As Much As Possible

NZMA supports the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners in their advice to GPs to move to remote consultation as much as possible.  

“The safety of our patients is extremely important to us as is the safety of our health workforce and those of us in the frontline.”  

“What this means is, that we must protect the most vulnerable in the community and that is what we will be trying our very best to do,” says Dr Kate Baddock, Chair of the NZMA. “We must make sure we can continue to give that care throughout New Zealand.”     

“Our patients areour priority and continuity of care is vital. What a virtual consult means is that we minimise the risk to our most vulnerable and our health workers.  Patientswill be seen; this is an additional step to safeguard us all and help stop the spread of COVID-19.”