Today’s announcement by the Government that it will open up the ACC Work Account to private insurers will be looked at closely by the New Zealand Medical Association (NZMA) to ensure it does not compromise patient care.

“We will scrutinize the implications for doctors and their patients,” says NZMA Chair Dr Peter Foley. “We would hope that this will not be an impediment to the care required by patients.”

“The NZMA is pleased that the Government intends to introduce a clearing house for claims so providers have a single point of claiming.”

The NZMA has been a long-time advocate for a clearing house says Dr Foley.

“We will also be looking closely at the detail around this to ensure it is workable for doctors and claimants.”

The Government has said its decision to open up the Work Account to choice will put pressure on ACC to be more effective and efficient in providing accident insurance cover.