Action On Children's Health Inequalities Supported

The report released last Thursday by the Primary Healthcare Advisory Committee (PHAC), which highlights inequalities in child health and concerning statistics such as our low immunisation rates, is a very important step in helping us address children’s health issues in this country, says NZMA Chair Dr Peter Foley.

“The report provides overwhelming evidence of the need for urgent action, especially when you look at the statistics for children living in the most deprived areas, and consider that many of the health problems they’re experiencing are preventable. The health disparities identified are alarming.”

Dr Foley said that the NZMA is actively looking at how it can help contribute to bridging health inequalities in New Zealand, especially as they relate to children.
“We have formed a sub-committee to look into these issues and the report will be very useful in helping us determine which policies to advocate for, and actions to undertake.”

“We have identified the problems and now we need a collaborative approach to consider the initiatives that the PHAC have called for, including a whole-of-government approach to ongoing monitoring of children’s health.”

“The NZMA is serious about seeing the inequalities within our small country reduced and now the rest of the health sector must show the needed commitment to making real changes that bridge the gaps,” said Dr Foley.