28-29 March 2020

Havening Techniques are a remarkable, neuroscience-based technique for rapidly treating emotional problems, anxiety, PTSD, phobias and some cases of chronic pain. The breakthrough is the discovery of a molecular mechanism that can rapidly and permanently erase traumatic memories,alter core beliefs and build resilience and wellbeing.


The trainer, Dr Robin Youngson, is an anaesthetic specialist, author, speaker, campaigner, and renowned international health leader. He is quitting his anaesthetic work to do Havening full time -practice, training and research.


Applicants may become Certified Havening Practitioners by completing an intensive two-day course, 30 supervised case histories, and a science exam.


The next training is in Raglan, the weekend of 28/29th March.


Full details about Havening Techniques and the training are found here.


The fourth annual Choosing Wisely forum

1 May 2020

The fourth annual Choosing Wisely forum, on 1 May 2020 in Wellington, has a strong focus on equity. Choosing Wisely – Choosing Equity includes a panel discussion on Choosing Wisely, equity, and unconscious bias, featuring Dr Matire Harwood, Prof David Tipene-Leach, Dr Kyle Eggleton and Dr John Bonning.


In a separate session, Prof Tipene-Leach and Anna Adcock will present on their research into Choosing Wisely and shared decision-making for Māori.


The forum opening address is from Health Quality & Safety Commission chair and Waitemata District Health Board chief executive Dr Dale Bramley. The first keynote speaker (via videolink) is Dr Kaveh Shojania, editor-in-chief of BMJ Quality & Safety, talking about Choosing Wisely and the sustainability of health care.

There is strong consumer input throughout the day, with a consumer panel commenting after each section; and a keynote presentation from Choosing Wisely Australia consumer representative Melissa Fox on shared decision-making.


Other highlights include:


  • Health and Disability Commissioner Dr Anthony Hill on Choosing Wisely and medico-legal concerns
  • Dr Alex Psirides on shared goals of care.


Early-bird rates are available until 1 April. The forum is brought to you by the Choosing Wisely campaign,supported by the Health Quality & Safety Commission.


See the forum event page for more information.

Sustainable Health Care Forum Aotearoa & Climate Change & Health Conference

16th Jun 2020 - 17th Jun 2020

Save the date for the Sustainable Healthcare Forum Aotearoa and Climate Change & Health Conference from 16-17 June 2020, in Wellington, NZ.  Find out more on their website

ANZGMU - Annual General Physician Education Conference

11-13 Sept 2020

How do you keep your knowledge and skills up to date?

The world of medicine is evolving more rapidly than ever before.

The annual ‘Australia and New Zealand General Medicine Update’ (ANZGMU) has been specifically designed to showcase a curated selection of relevant topics in internal medicine with updated information about new strategies, evolving best practise and recent guidelines.

Over a period of three days, national and internationally renowned sub-specialty experts with strong academic backgrounds will discuss the common diseases seen by a general physician in everyday practice. With over 21 interactive lectures covering the core areas of various subspecialties of internal medicine, this 2020 update will be of immense value to the busy practising General Physician, General Medicine Advanced Trainee and Basic Physician Trainee who wish to update their clinical acumen.

Click here to learn more and register

  • A comprehensive programme to update your medical knowledge on recent trends in diagnostic and treatment modalities in various subspecialties of internal medicine.
  • A platform to showcase your original work of research and unique case through Poster or Mini Oral presentation.


17th Sep 2020 - 20th Sep 2020

Conference is heading to Palmerston North in 2020 for the PMAANZ ' silver celebratory conference.  

Register early and secure your participation in the 2020 conference. Sponsors & exhibitors are welcome to join delegates at all social functions to provide you with maximum exposure time.

This is a unique opportunity to liaise and network with many key personnel from throughout New Zealand and Australia in a programme that will be entertaining, inspiring and educational.

Official event website is currently under construction, but please contact the representative below for more information:
Anna-Maree Burns   Event Manager    +64 3 353 2820    + 21 918 533

Chair's Award

The Chair’s Award is the NZMA’s highest standing award. It is awarded annually to an individual, group or organisation that, in the view of the Chair, has made an outstanding contribution to the health of New Zealanders, the health sector or the medical profession. This contribution may have occurred during the year in question or over a longer period of time.


Professor Frank Frizelle


Dr Innes Asher


Dr Robin Youngson


Dr Antonio Fernando


Dr Paul Hutchison, Former MP and Chair of Parliament's Health Select Committee


Dr Russell Wills, Children's Commissioner


Dr Sharad Paul


David Meates for leading the Canterbury District Health Board in its community response to the earthquake in February


Dr Tony Baird


Dr Peter RobertsDr Tim Malloy

NZMA Fellowships

NZMA has traditionally awarded Fellowships to current NZMA members who have provided long and distinguished service to the NZMA. This service may have been at local or national level.


Dr Stephen ChildsDr Wayne MilesDr Peter Chapman-Smith


Dr Mark PetersonDr Joshua FreemanDr Peter Moodie


Dr Aine McCoyDr David Pickett


Dr Tim Baily GibsonDr Sandra Hicks Dr Don Simmers


Dr Paul OckelfordDr Ron Goodey


Dr Sandy RossDr Heather Bowmer


Dr Peter Foley

Honary Fellowships

The NZMA has occasionally awarded Honorary Fellowships to non-members who have provided long and distinguished service to the NZMA.


Rom Colman


Dr Barry Colls