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Members FAQs


The easiest way to join is online. Click here to join.

We are no longer issuing physical membership cards as members can now log into the NZMA website on their phones and use that as proof of membership - you simply click 'View Profile' when you’re logged in. The NZMA logo will only show for NZMA members.

If you have any trouble, email Susan Holt. Physical cards are still an option if you don't have a smart phone.

Group membership

Yes, group membership is available:

  • 5-9 doctors in group: 15% discount
  • 10-19 doctors in group: 25% discount
  • 20+ doctors in group: 50% discount

The discount applies to full membership subscription, or low income rate (if applicable), and payment is made via the group rather than by individuals. At least 75% of doctors in the group must become members to be eligible for the discount. For more information or to apply for group membership, please contact Operations Manager Robyn Fell or call 0800 65 61 61. Please click here for the information flyer.


While you are overseas you are eligible for a reduced overseas membership rate. Before you move, please email Susan Holt with your new overseas contact details so we can invoice you correctly and stay in touch with you while you are out of NZ.

We welcome membership from overseas doctors who are registered to practise in NZ. If you are a member of your home country’s Medical Association, we are pleased to offer you six months’ free introductory membership to the NZMA. You should receive an invitation to join NZMA soon after you are registered in New Zealand; if you have not received this and would like to join the NZMA, please email Susan Holt or call 0800 65 61 61.

NZMA members can use OFX to transfer funds at no cost for transfers over NZ$250.

Your subscription

Please email Susan Holt with which year you require the invoice for and this information will be sent to you within seven working days. Please note that we can only include details of subscription payments that have actually been made to date.

Our membership subscription year runs from 1 October to 30 September. Each October you will be sent, via mail or email, a renewal letter and membership invoice.

To be eligible for the low income membership subscription, you must earn below $80,000 (gross) per annum, or work less than four sessions per week. To access this rate you will need to sign a low income declaration. If you think you may qualify for this rate, please email Susan Holt.

If you think you are being charged the wrong rate, please contact Susan Holt. We base your membership subscription rate on the information you have provided for us when you became a member. If your situation changes (for example you obtain Fellowship and are employed as a consultant/GP; you reduce your hours and subsequently your income; or you retire or move overseas) please let us know so we can ensure you are on the correct rate, and keep our database up to date.

Updating your details

To update your contact details please email Susan Holt. Where possible, please include your NZMA membership number or MCNZ number.

Medical Students

Yes. When you start medical school, you will be given the option of signing up for joint membership with your University medical students' association (either AUMSA or OUMSA), NZMSA and NZMA. Most medical students sign up via this option. If you did not sign up via joint membership you can still join at anytime for a one-off membership subscription of $40. You can join online here or email Susan Holt for more details.


As long as you are fully retired and no longer practicing, you are eligible for our reduced retired rate. If you are only semi-retired, you may be eligible for our low income rate if your total yearly earnings are below $80,000 (gross), or you are working less than four sessions per week. If you are fully retired, aged 65 or over AND have been a member of the NZMA for over 30 years, you are eligible for our Honorary rate which is free life membership. Please contact Susan Holt before you retire so we can ensure you are being charged the correct rate.

Subscription payments

You may pay your membership in two ways:

  • one lump sum (via credit card, cheque or direct debit) OR
  • monthly via direct debit.

Information about payment methods is included with your membership subscription invoice, sent to you each October. Please note we cannot take direct debits from credit cards. You will need to fill out a Membership Direct Debit form to pay by direct debit. If you would like to change the way you pay your membership subscription, please email Susan Holt.

Yes, visit our secure payment facility. Please note: payment is by credit card only.

If you have chosen to pay by monthly direct debit, your membership payment will be debited from your nominated bank account on the 20th of each calendar month or the Monday after, if the 20th is on the weekend.

To change the bank account we have on file for you, you will need to fill out a new direct debit authorisation form and return it to us. You can find a copy of this form here. If you are only wanting to change the suffix of your bank account, please email Susan Holt with your request (you do not need to fill out the form).
Please note: Direct Debit payments are taken out on the 20th of each calendar month, if you wish to change your account number we need to receive a completed Membership Direct Debit form by the 15th of the month in order to make the change in time.

Website login problems

For most users, your log in details will be:

  • Username: the email address we have on file for you.
  • Password: Whatever you have chosen.

You can reset your password by clicking the “I forgot my password” link under the login fields. Then enter your email, click the password reset button and an email will be sent to you with instructions on resetting your password. The new password needs to be at least 8 characters long.

If your email address isn’t recognised, please email nzma@nzma.org.nz or phone us on 0800 65 61 61 to check the email we have on file for you.