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NZMA Financial Services

NZMA's flagship member service – NZMA Financial Services, powered by Medical Financial Advisory Services Ltd (MFAS).

NZMA Financial Services is more than just a member benefit, it provides trusted and reliable financial advice for NZMA members, tailored for every age, stage and vocation. An extension of our long-standing relationship with MFAS, NZMA Financial Services is built on years of experience in the health sector assisting medical professionals to achieve financial success.

Ensuring you have a sound financial plan to deliver on your aspirations, protecting your family’s lifestyle and well-being with appropriate insurances, and securing the right loans and debt structures for your situation are key financial decisions – and can be tough to make on your own. NZMA Financial Services is your source of reliable, expert advice, taking the guesswork out of finding a financial planner, and putting you in the hands of trusted professionals with industry-specific knowledge

NZMA Financial Services is also a further opportunity for our members to support our mission, and allow us to continue our important advocacy and representation work we do on your behalf. Primarily created to provide specialised financial advice to our members, NZMA Financial Services is also a profit-sharing arrangement between NZMA and MFAS, with subsequent funds directed toward our goal of supporting the profession and promoting the health of all New Zealanders.

We are confident this new venture will support you in the pursuit of your financial goals, enabling you to remain focussed on your patients and professional ventures with peace of mind that your financial wellbeing is in good hands.

NZMA Financial Services provides you with financial advice and solutions and then partner with you to implement, monitor and review.

Investment planning

Whether you are paying back your student loan, building wealth, maximising your KiwiSaver, getting yourself retirement ready, or enjoying retirement, NZMA Financial Services can assist at every stage. We will help you clarify what is important to you and define your financial objectives, then develop a personalised strategy to achieve those goals.

Once the plan is in place, we will partner with you to stay the course. Using sophisticated software NZMA Financial Services will review your existing investment plan/portfolio regularly to make sure you are on track to achieve your objectives, adjusting as necessary as you navigate life’s pathway.

As an NZMA member, your initial meeting and written plan will be at no cost to you.

Protecting yourself and your loved ones

As a health professional your ability to earn an income is likely to be your most important asset. The consequences of a disability or extended illness that prevents you working could be devastating to the financial security of your family, and your financial plan.

Building a risk protection plan in conjunction with your savings plan allows you to be confident that your family can continue to function while you recover. Your protection plan will provide cover that is necessary, and your financial adviser will regularly review your coverage with you to ensure it remains fit for purpose.

Financing options

NZMA Financial Services can save you time and money when buying a new home, investment property or lifestyle property, to buying into an existing practice or building your own. With access to loans from a range of Aotearoa's leading lenders, we will work closely with you to identify the right loan and structure for your circumstance, undertaking all the leg work, acting on your behalf to negotiate the best outcomes, and making the process as simple and stress free as possible.

The NZMA Financial Services team are on the road from mid-March and will be coming to a destination near you to provide further information about this exciting new venture, and how you can utilise it to secure your financial wellbeing. Sign up below to receive email updates on roadshow dates, service offerings and updates