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Medsector Advisors

Medsector Advisors are a leading independent business advisory service - focused entirely on the New Zealand health sector.

They work with health professionals, managers and their teams to significantly improve business performance, including; enabling good corporate governance (board management, processes and strategy), creating management efficiencies, determining strategic priorities, working through human resource challenges, facilitating better organisation design (your people), implementing appropriate procurement processes (including developing and undertaking reviews to ensure you are getting a good deal), patient communications (such as social media management) and branding (medical specific web design, logo and brand development).

Medsector is committed to supporting the NZMA by;

  • Providing a free 1-hour initial consultation to NZMA members 
  • Donating 5% of the total client invoice to the NZMA for every referral Medsector receives from the NZMA (to enable the ongoing advocacy for the health profession - Terms and Conditions apply

Key areas where Medsector Advisors could help you.

  • If you are experiencing a challenging situation or would like advice around structuring your Corporate Governance (board, directors or shareholders along with agreements) or are seeking Culture, Organisation Design (right FTE and people in the right place) and HR (employees) Guidance, please get in contact.
  • If you are unsure about your future, have plans to retire, or would like to discuss Succession Planning, they have a team that can assist.
  • If you are looking for ways to grow your business? Medsector provides Business Growth advice that can include acquisition pathways, market analysis, and scenario modelling, amongst many other services. 
  • If you are not quite sure what the future may hold, expanding too rapidly, struggling to get business, unsure whether a next step is a good idea or looking for new opportunities and are after some good independent Strategic Advice, please reach out.


Don’t turn down an opportunity or a lucrative service because it is “too much effort”, or make a business decision without independent advice - call Medsector today to help.

The Medsector team are available for a confidential discussion at any time. If you would like to know more, or have a question or situation you would like to run past them, please call Robyn Fell at NZMA (04) 472 4741 or email robyn@nzma.org.nz for direct contact details for Chris Ross - Medsector’s CEO. Chris will provide an obligation free chat (after hours calls are welcome).

For more information visit www.medsectoradvisors.co.nz