27th July 2018, Volume 131 Number 1479

Jack Havill, Miles Williams, Jay Kuten, Frank Kueppers, Alistair Macdonald, Gary Payinda, Stanley Koshy, Alison Glover, Jonathon Baskett, James Davidson, Margaret Sparrow, Rowan Stephens, Libby Smales, Lannes Johnson, Carol Shand, John Musgrove

In March 2018, the NZ Doctor publication commissioned an ‘End of Life Choice’ survey by Horizon Research using their subscriber email contacts.1 The survey was sent to 1,540 doctor subscribers…

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Jack Havill, Retired Intensive Care Medicine Specialist, Waikato;
Miles Williams, Consultant Cardiologist, Hawkes Bay; Jay Kuten, Retired Psychiatrist, Whanganui; Frank Kueppers, Uro-Oncologist, Canterbury DHB; Alistair Macdonald, Retired Renal Physician, Wellington; Gary Payinda, Emergency Department Consultant, Whangarei;
Stanley Koshy, General Practitioner, Hamilton; Alison Glover, General practitioner, Te Awamutu; Jonathon Baskett, Retired Geriatrican, Auckland; James Davidson, Retired Pathologist, Auckland; Margaret Sparrow, Retired Sexual Health Physician, Wellington;
Rowan Stephens, Retired General Practitioner, Auckland; Libby Smales, Palliative Care Physician and Grief Counsellor, Hawkes Bay; Lannes Johnson, Retired General Practitioner, Northland;
Carol Shand, Retired General Practitioner/Sexual Health Physician, Wellington;
John Musgrove, Retired General Practitioner, Christchurch.


Jack Havill, 130 Mahoe St, Hamilton 3206.

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