25th November 2011, Volume 124 Number 1346

Mary Anne Gill

I'm astonished you allowed Dr Roger Ridley-Smith’s letter to be published without referring it to us here at Waikato District Health Board so that we could at least have the right of reply and the opportunity to correct the mistakes in it.

There are many photographs of individual doctors in the employ of the Waikato DHB—they appear on department-specific pages, so e.g. cardiothoracic http://www.waikatodhb.govt.nz/page/pageid/2145839481 and also herehttp://www.waikatodhb.govt.nz/page/pageid/2145864357/Our_medical_team where we've profiled some of our doctors and nurses.

I'd be keen to have pictures of every single doctor working for Waikato DHB on our website. Having features on all the senior doctors is a particular aim of mine but not all senior doctors want their pictures and profile on our website.

We have about 300,000 hits a month to our website—up from 26,000 4 years ago. Eighty percent of those who visit the site are looking for a job/career at Waikato DHB. The focus of our website therefore must be on the people who visit it and the information they require.

If the point of Dr Ridley-Smith's letter was that he wanted to find a GP in Thames then we have a heading primary health care http://www.waikatodhb.govt.nz/page/pageid/2145868508/Primary_Health_Care which lists all the primary health care organisations in the Waikato DHB area.

If his point was that our website is muddled then I’m happy to take that on board and review it.

Mary Anne Gill
Communications Director
Waikato Hospital
Hamilton, New Zealand

Author Information

Mary Anne Gill, Communications Director, Waikato Hospital, Hamilton, New Zealand