25th November 2011, Volume 124 Number 1346

Published in Dominion Notes section of NZMJ May 1912:11(42):136–138.

The two following excerpts from the recent numbers of the Chemist and Druggist of Australasiaexemplify the general tone of this the official organ of the Trade towards the medical profession in general while dealing with the question of Quackery and Proprietary Medicines. The first article is a review of a booklet by Henry Sewill, and the second is an Editorial on several subjects. We are of opinion that these views should be better known by members of our profession, and we can see that we are plainly not both working for the same object in regard to repressing the sale of Proprietary Drugs as a whole.

It is admitted that much cruel quackery exists, but it is not recognised that a great cruelty exists in the criminal charges that are made for valueless drugs. We recently ordered some P.D and Co. pills, which are listed at 1/6 per hundred, when our patient said he could not continue with them on account of the price, and I found he was being charged at the rate of 2/-.per dozen.

We are also aware that even reputable chemists tend to make capital on prescriptions, especially if any maker of drug is specified, whether the individual drug adds to the cost or not, and we have long been of the opinion (and on reading this C. and D. A. are more firmly convinced) that it would be to our patients' and our own interests if we established a dispensary where only our own prescriptions could be made up, and where we could guarantee our drugs, and control their price to our patients, it being optional to the patient whether he went to a trading chemist or the dispensary. We append the two articles in question:-

Part 2 (the two articles) will appear in the next issue: 16 December.