Letters should not exceed 800 words and 10 references, and the full names, job positions (eg, Senior Lecturer), departments (if applicable), institutions/companies, and locations (eg, Auckland) of the letter's author(s) must be placed at the foot of the letter. Contact details are optional - if an email address is listed on the letter, it will be published.  Longer letters could be submitted as viewpoint articles.

References in the Vancouver style.  References are numbered consecutively in order of appearance in the textusing superscript numbers:1

Go to www.manuscriptmanager.com/nzmj to submit your letter (at the Abstract section put n/a or not required).

You can presume letters to the editor will be published; we will reply only if additional information is required or if publication of the letter is declined. Accepted letters are usually placed in the following edition unless they are more suitable for an upcoming theme edition (contact us for the date if it missed the following edition).

The review process for a letter may take up to a week or more, so for consideration in an edition it should be submitted 9 days or more beforehand.

The Journal does not hold itself responsible for statements made by any of its contributors. Statements or opinions expressed in the Journal reflect the views of the author(s) and do not reflect official policy of the New Zealand Medical Association unless stated as such.