The NZMA makes a large number of submissions every year on a wide range of topics, mainly in response to Ministry of Health and other health agency discussion documents, and government bills. The following is a list of submissions, from the most recent to those dating back to 2009.

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Diabetes Action Plan 2022-2027

Submission to the Ministry of Health...

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NZ Income Insurance Scheme

Submission to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

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Reducing Pokies Harm

Submission to the Department of Internal Affairs

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When another person is present during a consultation

Submission to the Medical Council of New Zealand

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He Ara Āwhina (Pathways to Support) Framework

Submission to Tanya Maloney
Director Mental Health and Addiction Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission

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Widening Access to Influenza Vaccine

Submission to PHARMAC

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Opioid warning and advisory statement
Submission to Medsafe

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HQSC draft code of expectations

Submission to the Health Quality and Safety Commission.

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MCNZ statement on advertising

Submission to the Medical Council of New Zealand

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Vaccinating Health Worker Role

Submission to the Ministry of Health

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Transforming our Mental Health Law

Submission to the Ministry of Health

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Budget Policy Statement 2022

Submission to the Finance and Expenditure Parliamentary Select Committee

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Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) Bill
Submission to the Pae Ora Legislation Committee

Doctor putting gloves on
Potential amendments to the Coroners Act
Submission to the Ministry of Justice

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Emissions Reduction Plan

Submission to the Ministry for the Environment