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Integrated Healthcare Framework

The Integrated Health Care Framework for Pharmacists and Doctors is the result of the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand and New Zealand Medical Association working in partnership to make their Vision 2020 Partnership for Care joint statement a reality.

The Framework Working Group comprised: Bob Buckham, Dr Kate Baddock, Dr Buzz Burrell, Lesley Clarke, Dr John Dunlop, Richard Townley and Graeme Smith.

The Framework was developed in response to government and professional policies to better utilise the unique skills and knowledge of pharmacists. The Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand (PSNZ) and the New Zealand Medical Association (NZMA) sought to develop a framework model that describes what is needed to develop and implement new models of integrated, person-centred practice, in which pharmacists and doctors could work with each other and other multi-disciplinary team members to ensure continuity of patient care.

This Framework draws upon recognised evidence and best practice to provide the structure for identifying and managing all necessary factors in developing new innovations or models of care so that these are person-centred, integrated, support collaborative practice, and can be successfully implemented to meet the desired outcomes.

PSNZ and the NZMA believe this Framework is the first ever document co-developed by national pan-professional bodies for pharmacy and medicine, to describe not just what is required for integrated, person-centred practice, but also the successful implementation.

This Framework can be applied to the development of any innovation, health service or model of care, as it allows any local or international sources of information, experience or evidence that may influence a service or innovation to be captured, considered and accommodated in its development and implementation.

View the Framework Workbook here.