As medical specialists you are represented by the NZMA Specialist Council (SPC).


SPC members

Dr Osman Mansoor (Chair), Dr Dawn Elder, Dr Ian Page, Dr Cathy Ferguson, Dr Suman Sinha (RANZCP representative), Dr Alistair Humphrey (Chair, NZMA, ex officio), Ms Lesley Clarke (NZMA CEO, ex officio).

SPC has taken on a greater role within the NZMA, especially in light of the membership of the Council being significantly broadened to include representatives of various external organisations such as RANZCOG, RANZCP, NZSA and RACS. This has enabled the NZMA to provide a stronger political voice, and more effective representation, for specialists.

NZMA plays a vital role in advocating on many of the big issues and challenges we encounter as doctors. NZMA is the only national voice that represents the collective interests of all doctors irrespective of career stage or specialty.

NZMA advocates for you, your colleagues and your patients and is ideally placed to be the voice that is heard on health and policy issues – but the more members we have the stronger our voice. Your continued membership allows us to do more and to advocate more effectively. This is critical in the coming year (2020) with both the completion of the Health and Disability System review and a general election.


Together we make a difference

If you have a concern or an issue you want us to raise as part of our advocacy programme, please let us know.
If you are interested in becoming a member of the SPC and want to know what’s involved email us.

Advocacy issues

The Specialist Council provides input on a wide range of issues. Recent examples include:
Managing fairer access to hospital medicines
Therapeutic Products Bill Exposure Draft and Proposed Regulatory Scheme submission.