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The New Zealand Medical Association was formed more than a century ago. Its inaugural meeting was held in Otago in 1886. Ten years later, the Association became affiliated with the British Medical Association (BMA), and remained a branch of the BMA until 1967.

A year after regaining its independence, NZMA received a grant of arms from Her Majesty's College of Arms. The shield shows the staff with the single serpent that represents the Rod of Aesculapius, the Greek God of Medicine, a fleam, which the medieval physician used to open veins for blood-letting, and the Southern Cross.

The Association's motto is Scientia et Concordia: Knowledge and Accord.

NZMA retains strong links with the British, Australian and many other medical associations throughout the world and is also a member of the World Medical Association.

Since its inception in 1886 NZMA has been at the forefront of health sector advocacy.

NZMA Timeline

1886 NZMA founded. The first meeting’s agenda included issue of unqualified vaccinators, the registration of midwives and new rule that made doctors ineligible to become coroners. The first President was Dr Thomas Hocken.
1887 First issue of the New Zealand Medical Journal published.
1896 A New Zealand branch of the British Medical Association was formed and the original NZMA disestablished. It was envisaged that affiliation with the BMA would increase influence and prestige of the NZ medical profession.
1898 First woman member of the NZMA signs up – Dr Emily Siedeberg. She later served as medical superintendent of St. Helen’s Hospital in Dunedin.
1939-45 NZMA finds advocacy and representation difficult as many of its members are overseas fighting in World War Two.
1941 Fee for service plan for GPs introduced – doctor paid five shillings for each consultation and illegal to charge additional fee.
1967 NZMA achieves total autonomy from BMA and is named Medical Association of New Zealand (later changed back to NZMA in 1976).
1980s NZMA ceases to be a union.
1999 Pippa McKay elected first female NZMA Chair, and Dame Norma Restieaux appointed first female NZMA President.
2002 New Zealand Medical Journal becomes an online publication.
2011 NZMA celebrates 125 years as the pan-professional body representing doctors and their patients


NZMA Presidents and Chairs

New Zealand Medical Association

Year President Chair
2021 Andy Tie Alistair Humphrey
2020 Andy Tie Kate Baddock
2019 Sue Hayde Kate Baddock
2018 Sue Hayde Kate Baddock
2017 Pippa MacKay Kate Baddock
2016 Pippa MacKay Stephen Child
2015 Branko Sijnja Stephen Child
2014 Branko Sijnja Mark Peterson
2013 Tony Baird Mark Peterson
2012 Tony Baird Paul Ockelford
2011 Aine McCoy Paul Ockelford
2010 Aine McCoy Peter Foley
2009 Ronald Goodey Peter Foley
2008 David Kerr Peter Foley
2007 Peter Roberts Peter Foley
2006 George Downward Ross Boswell
2005 Murdoch Herbert Ross Boswell
2004 Ken Thomson Tricia Briscoe
2003 Dennis Pezaro Tricia Briscoe
2002 Peter Dukes John Adams
2001 Tom Marshall John Adams
2000 Roy Holmes Pippa Mackay
1999 Dame Norma Restieaux Pippa Mackay
1998 Sir John Scott Anton Wiles
1997 Owen Prior Brian Linehan
1996 Bert Insull Brian Linehan
1995 Noel Roydhouse Dennis Pezaro
1994 Anthony Foley Dennis Pezaro
1993 Michael Shackleton Alister Scott
1992 Keith Gibb Alister Scott
1991 Jeremy Hopkins Alister Scott
1990 Graham Gordon Lewis King
1989 Graham Beale Lewis King
1988 R. W. Hilliker M. A. H. Baird
1987 M. H. Cooper M. A. H. Baird
1986 A. R. Stone J. M. Broadfoot
1985 M. G. Dunshea J. M. Broadfoot
1984 N. G. Prentice D. C. Williams
1983 J. P. Broad D. C. Williams
1982 J. E. Rouse J. D. P. Hopkins
1981 O. R. Nicholson J. D. P. Hopkins
1980 B. J. Bowden B. G. Jew
1979 W. J. Pryor B. G. Jew
1978 K. E. Kibblewhite Graham Gordon
1977 Randal Elliott Graham Gordon
1976 H. H. Gilbert W. J. Treadwell

The Medical Association of New Zealand

1976 H. H. Gilbert W. J. Treadwell
1975 N. C. Begg W. J. Treadwell
1974 G. C. R. Hay Maurice Matich
1973 K. R. Tyler Maurice Matich
1972 A. C. A. Coombes Randal Elliott
1971 A. Douglas Randal Elliott
1970 K. J. Talbot Lindsay Brown
1969 Graeme Talbot Lindsay Brown
1968 W. J. R. Hutchison Lindsay Brown
1967 N. F. Greenslade Lindsay Brown

British Medical Association (New Zealand Branch)

1966 A. P. S. Whyte Lindsay Brown
1965 J. O. Merger N. C. Rigg
1964 B. J. Bogarty N. C. Rigg
1963 E. G. Sayers J. R. Dawson
1962 W. P. P. Gordon J. R. Dawson
1961 F. P. Furkert J. R. Dawson
1960 D. C. Low J. R. Dawson
1959 J. F. Landreth Russell Thomas
1958 G. W. Gower Russell Thomas
1957 P. P. Lynch W. J. P. Hutchison
1956 J. A. Bottinger W. J. P. Hutchison
1955 G. B. Fitzgerald W. J. P. Hutchison
1954 P. Kahlenberg W. J. P. Hutchison
1953 K. MacCormick W. J. P. Hutchison
1952 F. A. Scannell J. O. Merger
1951 L. G. L Averill J. O. Merger
1950 E. H. M. Luke J. O. Merger
1949 D. S. Wylie J. O. Merger
1948 J. A. Jenkins E. H. M. Luke
1947 T. G. Gray E. H. M. Luke
1946 A. Eisdell Moore E. H. M. Luke
1945 S. D. Rhind E. H. M. Luke
1944 W. H. Unwin J. P. S. Jamieson
1943 W. F. Buist J. P. S. Jamieson
1942 T. C. Fraser D. McGavin
1941 H. M. Wilson D. McGavin
1940 A. Wilson D. McGavin
1939 P. S. Foster F. T. Bowerbank
1938 J. P. S. Jamieson F. T. Bowerbank
1937 T. D. M Stout G. F. V. Anson
1936 R. Hogg G. F. V. Anson
1935 D. W. Carmalt Jones T. F. Corkill
1934 D. S. Wylie T. F. Corkill
1933 G. Home T. D. M. Stout
1932 C. G. Aickin T. D. M. Stout
1931 J. W. Williams D. E. Fenwick
1930 Thos. Mill D. E. Fenwick
1929 J. S. Elliott D. McGavin
1928 Hugh Douglas D. McGavin
1927 F. S. Batchelor M. E. Gibbs
1926 S. A. Gibbs M. E. Gibbs
1925 P. W. Hislop J. S. Elliott
1924 Carrick H. Robertson J. S. Elliott
1923 F. G. Gibson W. E. Herbert
1922 Wm. Young W. E. Herbert
1921 J. P. D. Leahy W. E. Herbert
1920 H. Lindo Ferguson E. W. Giesen
1919 W. K. Fyffe E. W. Giesen
1918 H. Pollen J. S. Elliott
1917 J. W. Crawshaw W. Young
1916 W. E. Collins W. E. Herbert
1915 William Irving D. McGavin
1914 W. H. Parkes J. S. Elliott
1913 H. R. Hatherley Wm. Young
1912 H. V. Drew J. R. Purdy
1911 T. C. Savage J. R. Purdy
1910 J. R. Purdy W. Fell
1909 T. C. Moore W. Fell
1908 Thos. Cahill W. Fell
1907 L. E. Barnett W. Fell
1906 C. M. Anderson W. E. Collins
1905 E. Roberton W. E. Collins
1904 W. E. Collins E. Roberton
1903 S. A. Gibbs W. E. Collins
1902 D. Colquhoun W. E. Collins
1901 G. R. Saunders W. E. Collins
1900 W. Thomas W. Fell
1899 W. G. Scott W. Fell
1898 W. Fell  
1897 G. Gleghorn  
1896 J. Irving  


New Zealand Medical Association

1896 H. Lindo Ferguson
1895 E. Jennings
1894 W. I. Spencer
1893 A. O. Knight
1892 M. S. Grange
1891 L. G. Boor
1890 T. M. Hocken
1889 G. M. Anderson
1888 F. W. E. Dawson
1887 A. Johnston