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Policies / Advocacy

The NZMA's advocacy focuses on strengthening the medical profession and in turn delivering an effective health service to our patients. Our advocacy encompasses meeting with Government health officials and other agencies at the highest levels. We also exert influence writing submissions on a diverse range of topics, and regularly speaking out in the media.

Our high profile and influence places us in a strong position to advance core health issues, such as addressing medical workforce shortages and achieving the best value for expenditure on health services. The opinions and input of the NZMA are sought at all levels of policy development and review.

The NZMA has a long and proud history, but as an organisation we are always looking to the future and we remain proactive in our efforts to achieve a world-class health system. We have a successful track record of effecting change and making a difference to our profession and the lives of patients.

The NZMA develops a large number of submissions and position statements every year on a wide range of medical, political, medico-legal and public health issues. You can access these by using the menu on the right-hand side of the page. Some submissions and position statements are available to the public, while some are available to members only by logging in.

Read copies of our position statements here.

Read copies of our submissions here.