07 November 2018

PGY1 Representative elections 2018

Four nominations have been received for the PGY1 representative position on the NZMA Doctors-in-Training Council.

Learn more about the candidates below.

Directions for voting

  • You are eligible to vote if you are a member of the NZMA and you are a 2018 trainee intern who is about to graduate and start your PGY1 year.
  • You will receive an email providing you with your elector id (your NZMA number), password and a link to the election.
  • Vote for ONE candidate only.
  • Voting closes 4pm, Wednesday 28 November 2018.

Click here to vote for your 2019 PGY1 representative.

 If you do not receive an email with your elector id and password, please contact Ines McBride or phone 04 4724741. 

Hermaleigh Townsley

Hermaleigh Townsley

Kia ora koutou. I’m a soon-to-be Otago grad living in (and loving) Wellington, where I’ll be a PGY1. I’m passionate about public health and using our role as doctors to tackle inequities however we can. Outside of medicine, I love running, coffee, and playing the bass guitar.

I’d love to be your PGY1 representative for the next 18 months. Soon, we will be transitioning to work, and I want to ensure we feel well supported as we do so. I’ve worked on research throughout med school and previously led Dunedin MSGA, so believe I have the leadership and communication skills needed to be an effective advocate for our cohort. 

In particular, I want to focus on our wellbeing as junior doctors. It’s all well and good to be told over and over again to practice mindfulness, but what’s more important are positive working environments where we feel supported in asking for help (and have the time to do so!).   

For the following group coming into PGY1, I also believe it is important to advocate for more transparency regarding the ACE scheme – as this year, many concerns arose which are yet to be addressed. Beyond ACE, it’s also important that we have transparent information as we look towards registration requirements, getting onto training programmes and potential effects of roster changes. 

Finally, as a public health nerd, I’d like to contribute to NZMA policies which represent our views as junior doctors on the big stuff like climate change.  

A declaration of any matters/interest that may be a conflict of interest to your role as the PGY1 rep:

Kate Fitzmaurice

Kate Fitzmaurice

Kia Ora Koutou, my name is Kate Fitzmaurice and I will be based in Whangarei for my PGY1 job.

Though my Iwi, Te Āupouri is based in the Far North, I grew up in Tāupo, and have since lived in Lower Hutt, Dunedin and Christchurch as well as spending a year in Greece with Anti-human trafficking organisation, A21. 

I have a strong sense of justice and solid work ethic, but am equally passionate about a good work-life balance and making the most of every day. I particularly love spending time in the outdoors and travelling with friends and family.

I believe that my involvement with various student organisations and the University of Otago over the past few years, has equipped me to step into the role of PGY1 Representative on the Doctors in Training Council. In 2018 I was the President of the Christchurch Medical Students Association (CMSA), where I have been actively involved in a number of medical education committees and wellbeing groups, as well as leading our CMSA Student Executive. I feel strongly about promoting junior doctor and medical student wellbeing, and in 2018 piloted wellbeing initiatives within the Christchurch School of Medicine, as well as tackling these issues on a national level in my role on the NZMSA Executive. In 2017 I was appointed the role of CMSA Education Representative and satellite campus representative on the OUSA Education Committee, both of which I found highly rewarding roles. 

I am passionate about Māori health and equipping health professionals with cultural competency skills to address health inequity within Āotearoa. Throughout 2018 I have worked with the Māori and Indigenous Health Institute helping create Hauora Māori post-graduate cultural competency courses for clinicians and other health professionals, and hope to carry these skills into my role.

A declaration of any matters/interest that may be a conflict of interest to their role as the PGY1 rep:
No conflict of interest 

Megan De Lambert

Megan de Lambert

Kia ora e hoa! My name is Megan, an Auckland University grad; born and bred in the mighty Canterbury. I’ll be working in the gorgeous Bay of Plenty for PGY1. My six years at Medical School summarises my interests and what I’m passionate about well – dividing my time between organising social events, playing sports, learning te reo Māori, embracing the outdoors, being a glorified dog cuddler at the SPCA, and advocating for medical student well-being (and passing in the interim!).

I believe in my capability to be an excellent PGY1 Rep; fulfilling the role to the standard it deserves, and more. By utilising the drive I have for advocacy, my excellent organisation skills and my love for having a good yarn; I know I will represent my fellow PGY1 peers proudly.

I am passionate about student well-being, Māori health, fair and safe working conditions for doctors, and quality medical education and support.

I have been involved in fostering the social atmosphere of Medical School as Social Rep, speaking at lectures about how to thrive on the wards, running mock OSCEs and tutorials, talking on well-being panels to promote mental health, and most proudly; starting up a Clinical Student Support Programme involving over 400 students in 2018. This involved designing and implementing student-led support groups to regularly provide social and educational support to 4th year students. All of these opportunities have been an immense privilege to be apart of, and have equipped me well for this role.

It would be a pleasure to serve you on the Doctors in Training Council of NZMA!

Noho ora mai, Megan

A declaration of any matters/interest that may be a conflict of interest to their role as the PGY1 Rep:
I have no matters or interests that will be a conflict of interest to my role as PGY1 Rep. 

Megna Jeram

Megna Jeram  

Kia Ora, my name is Megna Jeram and I’m currently a Trainee Intern in Dunedin. I’m originally from Wellington and I am proud to be of Indian ethnicity.  I’m a strong believer in work-life balance and my interests outside of medicine include Indian dancing, gymnastics and hosting dinner parties to entertain friends and family. I also enjoy teaching and mentoring junior medical students.

I would love to be your PGY1 rep! I’m super approachable, open minded and have a huge amount of optimism and enthusiasm. I’ve previously been on the NZMSA executive as the ALM representative for Dunedin between 2016-2017. Through this role I represented and advocated on behalf of medical students at a national level.  I was involved in the NZMSA strategic planning process, organised events/seminars and raised awareness of important issues affecting medical students. 

If I were to gain the PGY1 rep role, I would work hard to aid the wellbeing and look after the interests of junior doctors. I am particularly passionate about raising awareness of mental wellbeing amongst doctors. I will make time to hear you out clearly and to understand your needs. I want you all to have your say and be in the know about the advocacy issues affecting junior doctors. I am confident in my ability to voice your opinions and ideas on the NZMA stage.

A declaration of any matters/interest that may be a conflict of interest to your role as the PGY1 rep:

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 If you have not received an email with your elector id and password, please contact Ines McBride or phone 04 472 4741.