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Primary Health Care MECA

The 2012-2014 Primary Health Care MECA has now been fully ratified. This agreement covers nearly 600 employers and more than 2500 employees, and takes effect from 1 September 2012 and expires on 31 August 2014.

Primary Health Care MECA 2012-2014  (PDF, 31 pages, 4MB)

Main Wage clauses from MECA 2012-2014 (PDF, 6 pages, 261Kb)

Old Primary Health Care MECA 2010-2012 (PDF, 31 pages, 1.95MB)

Old Primary Health Care MECA 2008-2010 (PDF, 30 pages, 1.10MB)

Subsequent Party Form (PDF, 1 page, 94Kb)
(use this form if your practice would like to become party to the PHC MECA)

Individual Employment Agreement Order Form (PDF, 1 page, 105Kb)
(for non union employees or practices not party to the MECA)

For further information on the Primary Health Care MECA or help with interpreting clauses, please email Robyn Fell. Or you can phone us on 0800 656 161.