29th November 2019, Volume 132 Number 1506

Bridget H Robson, Lis Ellison-Loschmann, Mona Jeffreys, Fiona McKenzie

The Waitangi Tribunal’s Inquiry into Health Services and Outcomes WAI2575 is underway and includes claims related to cancer outcomes for Māori. That Māori are twice as likely as non-Māori to…

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Author Information

Bridget H Robson, Research Associate Professor, Eru Pōmare Māori Health Research Centre, University of Otago, Wellington; Lis Ellison-Loschmann, Epidemiologist, Flax Analytics, Wellington;
Mona Jeffreys, Epidemiologist, Flax Analytics and Senior Research Fellow, Health Services Research Centre, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington; Fiona McKenzie, Epidemiologist, Flax Analytics, Wellington.


Bridget Robson, Eru Pōmare Māori Health Research Centre, University of Otago, PO Box 7343, Wellington South.

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