23rd February 2018, Volume 131 Number 1470

Kate Roberts, Tracey Lindsay, Scott Pearson, Paddy McBride, Mel Hopper Koppelmen

In the December 2017 issue, the New Zealand Medical Journal published an article entitled “Acupuncture, ACC and the Medicines Act.”1 Author Daniel Ryan investigated the websites of New Zealand acupuncturists…

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Author Information

Kate Roberts, Council Member, Acupuncture New Zealand, PhD Candidate, Otago University;
Tracey Lindsay, Executive Member, New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Authority;
Scott Pearson, Member, Acupuncture New Zealand; Paddy McBride, Secretary and International Liaison, Acupuncture Now Foundation NZ; Mel Hopper Koppelmen, Director, Evidence Based Acupuncture.


Kate Roberts, Council Member, Acupuncture New Zealand, PhD Candidate, Otago University.

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