15th December 2017, Volume 130 Number 1467

Nishanthan Ramachandran, Riyaz Bhikoo, John Ah-Chan, Harry Bradshaw

A significant reduction in vision is an emergent problem and requires prompt ophthalmic assessment.1 However, not all causes of visual impairment carry a poor prognosis. We present a case of…

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Author Information

Nishanthan Ramachandran, Ophthalmology Registrar, Southern DHB;
Riyaz Bhikoo, Ophthalmology Registrar, Auckland DHB; John Ah-Chan, Ophthalmologist, MidCentral DHB; Harry Bradshaw, Ophthalmologist, Southern DHB.


The authors would like to extend thanks to Sijing Feng for help with image acquirement.


Nishanthan Ramachandran, C/o Eye Department, Dunedin Hospital, Dunedin 9054.

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