Please submit all contributions to the New Zealand Medical Journal online at the Manuscript Manager website:

Open access

Material in the NZMJ is available only to subscribers/NZMA members for 6 months after publication. Material may, however, be made open access upon payment of $1000, once accepted for publication.

This means it will immediately be available to all readers online and in the pdf of the Journal. NB: All material must first go through the review process and be accepted for publication before becoming eligible for open access. To request open access, please contact Communications Manager Sharon Cuzens (, once accepted for publication.

All authors must read and/or fill in the following documentation:

Authors should be aware of the broad general readership of the Journal. Highly technical articles such as those involving physiological experiments on laboratory animals and at the cellular level will not be accepted. Please send such articles to a specialised physiology journal instead. Brevity and clear expression are essential.

The maximum for most original manuscripts is 3000 words and 30 references. Where there is good reason for a longer paper we will listen to argument. All manuscripts submitted to the Journal are assumed to be sent to it exclusively unless otherwise stated.

All submissions should be made electronically. An accompanying email should state;

  1. "I (We) accept full responsibility for the conduct of the study, had access to the data, and controlled the decision to publish".
  2. Authors must state where potential conflicts of interest exist.
  3. All sources of funding must be stated explicitly and this information will be published with the paper.

If your work is accepted for publication...

The following forms are to be completed and submitted only if your submission is accepted for publication (not required for letters to the editor).

If your accepted submission is an Article (not clinical correspondence, letter, medical image, editorial), please also send in a completed media form.

Advice for NZMJ submissions

All contributions must be submitted via Manuscript Manager (, apart from obituaries which can be emailed to

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