GP selling busy semi-rural practice in Warkworth | Kowhai Surgery

This is an exciting opportunity to join our friendly team of 4 partners. We are looking for a hard working GP with a sense of humour!

Kowhai surgery is a very settled and enjoyable place to work with wonderful staff and practice manager. Kowhai is also a teaching practice, with modern facilities and generously sized consulting rooms and A&E area. Minimal after hours (one late evening every month or two and the occasional Saturday morning).

A number of Warkworth GPs commute from Auckland, so that is an option if preferred. Each partner works 3 or 4 days a week but can work more if they want to.

Annual leave allowance is flexible but usually at least 6 weeks plus each partner takes a sabbatical every 5 years for 3 months.

Please call Andrew MacGill on 021 536 396.