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Dr David Black
Dr Buzz Burrell
Dr David Galler
Dr Alistair Humphrey
Dr Chris Reid
Dr Ruth Spearing

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Dr David Black David Black

I am standing for the Board because I have enjoyed a long medical career with the benefits of the NZMA, particularly the NZ Medical Journal. I now have the time and experience to contribute. I remain an Honorary Academic at the University of Auckland and have a strong ongoing interest in medical care in rural communities.

Previous Governance Experience:

Board Member Australasian College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (AFOEM)
Chief Medical Officer, Air New Zealand Limited
Board Member Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (AFOEM-RACP)
Board Member & President Bioelectromagnetics Society (Washington DC)
Trustee & Chairman Glenbrook Vintage Railway Charitable Trust Board
Chairman Waiuku Waterfront and Reserves Committee (Auckland Council)
Chairman Driving Creek Railway Limited
Trustee Driving Creek Railway, Art and Conservation Trust (current)

No conflicting affiliations 

Buzz BurrellDr Buzz Burrell

I’ve been on the Board for the last 2 years, and the GP Council for the last 4 years.

I can’t think of a more important time for the NZMA. The Health and Disability System review is under way, the future of DHBs and PHOs is being increasingly debated, the GP sector is exponentially distressed, we’ve had 3 strikes and ballots for more from the RDA, SToNZ as a new union has been formed, and the new government will be soon getting ready for re-election with all parties looking for guidance on health policy promises, which will then need to be policed. Now, more than ever, the NZMA needs to be nimble and responsive to this climate, advocating for its members and for New Zealand not only for health, but for the doctors providing its health services. A huge issue in this country is the ridiculous fragmentation of services in all sectors – for me to be on the board of New Zealand’s pan-professional organisation as an enthusiastic activist is more motivating than ever. I’ve been on the board and GP Council long enough to be comfortable with how it runs and crystallise with the team such that we can be the best organisation our members want us to be.

I care so much about New Zealand, it’s people, its healthy and its unwell, its leaders and its disadvantaged. I worry about my burning-out colleagues, the inequities in the system for our patients and also for our doctors’ work conditions and such variable incomes. I stand for fairness, compassion, and empowerment. My life has seen me be a physician, research fellow, remote GP, urban GP, GPSi, and parent of a severely disabled child. There’s so much wrong with our system and such a need for passionate like-minded people to right this. The NZMA can help this with board and council members who care – I’m enjoying being one such person.

Previous governance experience:

I am on the NZMA board and GP Council, on the Board for the Rural Chapter of the Royal College of General Practitioners; I chair the Rural Workstream for the Top Of The South Health Alliance.
I have been Chairperson NZ Rural GP Network Political & Business Issues Committee. A director, Pilbara Division of General Practice, Western Australia; and was on the Marlborough PHO board of directors.

Do you have any affiliations that may be a conflict of interest?

GP owner Renwick medical centre; I’m the NZMA Dr on the Medicines Classification Committee – I can’t think of any other conflicts not listed above.


Dr David GallerDavid Galler

I believe I have added value to the mission of the NZMA to become a powerful respected and intelligent advocate for the organisation and the profession. Those domains include shaping of public policy and in promoting strategies that will improve opportunities for individuals families and communities to become healthy and well. I am a strong believer in the profession being organised and working collaboratively for the benefit of those we serve. In doing that I believe the NZMA has a powerful role to play in advocacy across a wide range of areas that determine well being. My particular interests are in Climate Change and Carbon reduction - I am a cofounder of the small team at Counties that have reduced our own Carbon footprint by 21% in five years and now redefining that work as a series of health and wellness initiatives; and disease prevention.

Previous governance experience:

NZMA Board Member 2017-present
HQSC Foundation Board Member 2010-2016;
NZ Portrait Gallery, Board Member 2017-present;
TakeMyHands Board Member 2019 is a social enterprise that links donors for medical equipment no longer needed with recipients who need exactly those things. Much of our activity is in the pacific supporting local health services.
Former Executive member; Vice President and President Association of Salaried Medical Specialists
Former member of the NZ Institute of Directors

Do you have any affiliations that may be a conflict of interest?

See above
Employee of Counties Manukau
Steering Group member of the Health Coalition Aotearoa  


Dr Alistair Hupmhrey Alistair Humphrey

The NZMA is the pre-eminent advocate for patient rights and medical professional values. The issues which are dealt with by the NZMA nearly always have a public health component and being vocationally registered and practising in both public health and general practice I have been able to provide a perspective to the NZMA Specialist Council which straddles the important determinants of health as well as the practical aspects of delivering clinical care. As a long standing member of the Health Practitioners Disciplinary tribunal and having recently completed a Master of Health Law I am also skilled and experienced in both ethical and legal issues. I have been a Medical Officer of Health for nineteen years and have tirelessly advocated for the health of the communities I serve in the South Island. I am currently chair of the Canterbury Hospitals’ Medical Staff Association, the representative body for the more than 500 senior medical officers in Canterbury. I have a high media profile as an advocate and spokesperson on local, national and international health issues and have, on occasion, fronted issues for the NZMA.

I believe my skillset would be a valuable addition to the NZMA board.

Previous governance experience:

Chair, Canterbury Hospitals’ Medical Staff Association
NZMA Specialist Council.
Rural Canterbury PHO Clinical Governance Group
Medical Officer of Health for Canterbury
New Zealand representation at the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
World Health Organisation Health – Emergency and Disaster Risk Management group Christchurch Free Theatre Advisory group

Do you have any affiliations that may be a conflict of interest? 

I have no affiliations which present a conflict of interest to a role on the Board of the NZMA. 


Dr Chris Reid 

Chris Reid

Why do you want to be on the Board?

To ensure doctors have a voice.

Previous governance experience:

Chair National Advisory Council RNZCGP & ex-officio member College Board (my tenure ends May 2019)
Chair Northland Faculty RNZCGP
Board member Te Tai Tokerau PHO

Previous roles:

Elected board member Northland DHB

Do you have any affiliations that may be a conflict of interest?

As above
Teacher - 6th year medical students 


Dr Ruth Spearing Ruth Spearing

As a haematologist and previous Clinical Director in Christchurch, I have had the privilege of being a NZMA Board member for the last 6 years and Treasurer for the last 4 years. I was the elected Chair of the Canterbury Hospitals Medical Staff Association for 14 years and on the CDHB Clinical Board from 2003-2017 and for a period, Deputy Chair.

The NZMA has a very important role in advocating on behalf of the profession and for the health of all New Zealanders. I am very committed to ensuring that the NZMA achieves this and have contributed to a large number of submissions to Government and other organisations. For New Zealand to flourish it is important that we are aware of the issues that are being decided upon at a higher level and to ensure that the Medical Profession has effective input in to the decision making. This is a particularly important time for our health services and we need a strong representative organisation to contribute to the decisions.

NZMA is your association. NZMA must stay relevant and engaged with its members more. I want to ensure that your voice is heard and that we can continue to support you and advocate in your best interests. In my current role as CDHB Grand Round coordinator, I aim to provide innovative and exciting opportunities for doctors to discuss issues. I will continued to work to ensure the NZMA is an association that you will be proud to be a part of.

Do you have any affiliations that may be a conflict of interest? 

I have no conflict of interests.


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