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Dr Luke Bradford
Dr Buzz Burrell
Dr Bill Douglas
Dr Stephanie Taylor
Dr Marcia Walker
Dr Vanessa Weenink
Dr Jocy Wood 

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Dr Luke BradfordLuke Bradford

I am a GP in Tauranga and Co-chair of the WBOPPHO, Chair of Western Bay of Plenty Provider Inc and am an Executive Committee Member of the Primary Health Alliance.

There is strong focus on Primary Care currently. However, General Practice has become a dirty word within that focus. When we as a profession are mentioned it is often in accusatory terms. Little acknowledgement is given, by the Ministry, DHBs or even some academics, to the incredible level of dedication and hard work that we devote to our communities and patients every day. Instead there is an undercurrent of opinion which seeks to lay blame at our door for system wide failures. There must be a strong voice combating this very deliberate undercurrent. A voice that clearly demonstrates our unique role in the well-being of patients and a voice that ensures General Practice are properly resourced and recognised going forward. I believe the NZMA has a vital role in being that voice.  


Dr Buzz BurrellBuzz Burrell

I’ve been on the Board for the last 2 years, and the GP Council for the last 4 years.

I can’t think of a more important time for the NZMA. The Health and Disability System review is under way, the future of DHBs and PHOs is being increasingly debated, the GP sector is exponentially distressed, we’ve had 3 strikes and ballots for more from the RDA, SToNZ as a new union has been formed, and the new government will be soon getting ready for re-election with all parties looking for guidance on health policy promises, which will then need to be policed. Now, more than ever, the NZMA needs to be nimble and responsive to this climate, advocating for its members and for New Zealand not only for health, but for the doctors providing its health services. A huge issue in this country is the ridiculous fragmentation of services in all sectors – for me to be on the board of New Zealand’s pan-professional organisation as an enthusiastic activist is more motivating than ever. I’ve been on the board and GP Council long enough to be comfortable with how it runs and crystallise with the team such that we can be the best organisation our members want us to be.

I care so much about New Zealand, it’s people, its healthy and its unwell, its leaders and its disadvantaged. I worry about my burning-out colleagues, the inequities in the system for our patients and also for our doctors’ work conditions and such variable incomes. I stand for fairness, compassion, and empowerment. My life has seen me be a physician, research fellow, remote GP, urban GP, GPSi, and parent of a severely disabled child. There’s so much wrong with our system and such a need for passionate like-minded people to right this. The NZMA can help this with board and council members who care – I’m enjoying being one such person.

Previous governance experience: 
I am on the NZMA board and GP Council, on the Board for the Rural Chapter of the Royal College of General Practitioners; I chair the Rural Workstream for the Top Of The South Health Alliance.
I have been Chairperson NZ Rural GP Network Political & Business Issues Committee. A director, Pilbara Division of General Practice, Western Australia; and was on the Marlborough PHO board of directors.

Do you have any affiliations that may be a conflict of interest?

GP owner Renwick medical centre; I’m the NZMA Dr on the Medicines Classification Committee – I can’t think of any other conflicts not listed above.


Dr Bill DouglasBill Douglas

With my wife Karen as practice nurse, I have been a solo GP in Whanganui from 1986 until 2014 when we joined with another solo GP to start a group practice. I have been a member of the NZMA since the 1970s and been the Whanganui secretary and delegate in previous years.

I have a particular interest in the politics and pragmatics of general practice and want to see the profession thrive in the coming years with general practice as the cornerstone of the patient health care home properly, fairly and equitably remunerated, respected, and supported by the various regulators, funders, governors and organisations that impinge on and at times impugn General Practice. I want to see a career pathway for General Practice that encourages and rewards GPs for their expertise, investment and experience in treating the undifferentiated and long term patients outside of hospital. I would like to see the extension of the terms and conditions, leave and superannuation supports that are enjoyed at the start of one’s medical career extended and embedded in General Practice.

Consolidation of the general practice team with the funded supported integration of other health practitioners into a coordinated, integrated, effective, and efficient primary care team is a long term goal.

I would also like to see open and honest governance and financial accounting and reporting of primary care and PHOs with an open sharing of ideas and communications across the country.

Over the last couple of years we have changed work sites, endeavoured to cope with a different practice management system and with several other practitioners in Whanganui changed PHO to the National Hauora Coalition.

The NZMA is the only pan medical organisation that represents all aspects of the profession and I believe I have a pragmatic and grounded approach to supporting General Practice through being on the GP Council. 

Dr Stephanie TaylorStephanie Taylor

I am a GP and Practice owner in Auckland where I have practiced since 2004. Prior to this I worked as a GP in both Wellington and the Wairarapa. I am currently a Director for ProCare Health Limited (New Zealands largest PHO) and I am an examiner for the RNZCGP.

I am standing for election to the GP council as I sense we are set to see big changes in primary care with the current health and disability review well underway. I believe the NZMA do a great job supporting their members however I feel we collectively need to work harder to preserve and enhance the perceived value of primary care in this country. I am confident that I have both the enthusiasm and experience to represent you well and I can assure all GPs that I won't be afraid to speak up as I am passionate about playing a role in shaping the future of Primary Care in New Zealand. 


Dr Marcia Walker Marcia Walker

Since becoming a GP owner 2 and a half years ago of my own practice, I have become acutely aware of the difficulties of owning and running a successful practice in an environment that is forever looking to improve access for the lowest dollar spend. General Practice is such a fundamental part of the health system and is constantly under strain making for, at times, quite an unpalatable working environment. With an aging work force, we need to ensure that we can train and retain GPs, and ideally would encourage them into an ownership model which is the cornerstone for stability and sustaining long lasting relationships with our patients ultimately. The environment is becoming more fraught and has the potential to scare doctors away from becoming GP owners. We are already seeing many practices being sold to corporate interests which risks raising a cohort of young GPs into becoming non-owners. As a strategy for sustainability, I don't think this is a sound one. We already lose too many good doctors to other specialties, or other countries. Likewise, we see burn out and family break down as the result of overstretched frontline staff who desperately try to meet all of the expectations. The general consensus amongst many of my colleagues is one of disappointment and disillusionment. Despite this, GPs battle on. I have never been afraid to say what I think, and not worried what others think about me. This can be a blessing and a curse, but if it allows the voice for those who feel they can't speak out about issues for fear of reprimand or recrimination, then I am pleased to be put forward to represent that voice, if that is indeed what people feel they need.

Previous governance experience:

I currently sit on the Board of Directors at Manly Medical Centre (2 years)
I was a previous treasurer and exec member for NZRDA (3 years experience)

Do you have any affiliations that may be a conflict of interest?


Dr Vanessa Weenink Vanessa Weenink

I believe the NZMA GPC is the best way of gaining a representational voice for General Practitioners in NZ. There is no point in trying to establish a separate professional organisation and all possible support from GP’s needs to be thrown behind the NZMA to bolster the ability to act as a representative voice for GP’s in negotiations. If NZMA became a representational association it may be possible to conduct voting on PSAAP proposals etc, which would at least have the strength of appearing to be democratic and consultative. I’m part of a large group of GP’s who feel dismayed at the way our interests have been eroded over successive years. I have a strong drive to serve, and I also believe that protecting the business interests of General Practice is the best way to serve my country at this time. Recent publications of academic opinion regarding the proposition of having GP’s on a salary did not include a balanced assessment of the economic and professional impact of that concept. In the immortal words of Darryl Kerrigan: “Tell him he’s dreamin.”

Previous governance experience:

I’m currently a partner in a moderate size GP practice in Christchurch. I have been on local clinical reference groups for the Pegasus PHO and I have been part of the Clinical Governance group for HomeCare Medical (National TeleHealth Service) since 2015.

Do you have any affiliations that may be a conflict of interest?

I’m not sure if it’s a conflict of interest, but I am a member of the Labour party. 


Dr Jocy Wood Jocy Wood

I am the mother of two teenage boys, and a partner at Nelson East Family Medical Centre, a four doctor practice. Within this practice I am a GP registrar trainer as well as a Primex examiner.

I am also the clinical Director of community mental health services at Nelson Marlborough DHB. I am a past clinical governance member at Nelson Bays PHO.

I have been on the General Practitioner Council since 2013 and bring my long experience as a GP, as well as my practical common sense approach, to the role at the NZMA. This years elections are vitally important as I believe the future and sustainability of general practice are at risk and my past experience will equip me well for this role.

I am committed and passionate about general practice in New Zealand.  


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