Clinical research

The key message for the NZMA is thatbeyond the advancement of health, economic benefit etcthe opportunity to participate in clinical research is a significant workforce issue for senior clinicians both in respect of professional development and job satisfaction. As per the Cranleigh report (commissioned by the select committee) :

  • Specialist clinicians involved in clinical trials have increased education and the opportunity to have a global presence in their specialist field.
  • Top clinicians seek to engage in clinical research and are likely to stay within New Zealand if offered the opportunity to conduct clinical research as an integral part of their employment.
  • Doctors in training who are involved in clinical trials often go on to be leaders in their field of medicine.
  • Recognising clinical trial activity would assist in retaining New Zealand clinical researchers and scientists.
  • A culture of cutting edge medicine and innovative practice allows New Zealand to retain the most able and creative doctors.
  • Clinical trials are important for the retention and recruitment of senior clinicians.
The NZMA has released a position statement on Clinical Academic Pathways.