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Structure and representatives

NZMA Board

The NZMA Board provides governance and policy for the NZMA. It comprises the Chair, Deputy Chair, up to five elected members, as well as the chairs of the General Practitioner Council, Specialist Council and Doctors-in-Training Council. Elections for the NZMA Board are held every two years.

Chairman: Dr Mark Peterson

Board Members:

  • Dr Stephen Child (Deputy Chair)
  • Dr Kathryn Baddock (Chair, GP Council)
  • Dr James Blackett (Chair, DiT Council)
  • Dr Wayne Miles
  • Dr Don Simmers
  • Dr Ruth Spearing
  • Dr Tane Taylor
  • Prof Harvey White (Chair, Specialist Council)

President: Dr Tony Baird

The NZMA Council is comprised of the President, the Board, elected members of the GP Council, Specialist Council, and DiT Council, delegates from local divisions, the immediate past-Chairman, the Chair of the Ethics Committee, the NZMJ Editor, and medical student representation. The Council meets twice a year and its prime roles are to provide advice to the Board and approve the Code of Ethics.

Standing committees

The NZMA has several standing committees including:



NZMA staff

National office staff     
Chief Executive Officer   Lesley Clarke
Operations Manager   Anna Phipps
Stakeholder Relations Manager   Sanji Gunasekara
Communications Manager   Sharon Cuzens
Executive Assistant   Robyn Fell
Marketing Co-ordinator   Johanna de Jong
Membership and Database Administrator   Susan Holt
New Zealand Medical Journal staff    
Editor   Professor Frank Frizelle
Production Editor   Brennan Edwardes