The NZMA Board provides governance and policy for the NZMA. It comprises the Chair and Deputy Chair, up to five elected members, as well as the chairs of the General Practitioner Council, Specialist Council and Doctors-in-Training Council. Elections for the NZMA Board are held every two years.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the NZMA Board and want to know what's involved, click here.  


Dr Stephen Child NZMA

Stephen Child, Chair

Dr Stephen Child is a Canadian-trained general physician with a respiratory interest who immigrated to New Zealand in late 1991. He worked in Dargaville for two and a half years before moving to his current role as the Director of Clinical Training at Auckland District Health Board in 1994. He sits on a number of national, regional and local committees with a vision to improve education and training of junior doctors and thereby ensure that New Zealand has a medical workforce that is well staffed and capable to look after its future medical needs.

Dr Kate Baddock NZMA

Kate Baddock, Chair, General Practitioner Council

Dr Kate Baddock is the Chair of the NZMA General Practitioner Council. She is a General Practitioner in Warkworth and also Deputy Chair of the new Waitemata PHO. Dr Baddock gained her medical degree at the University of Otago and currently works as a partner at Kawau Bay Health with five other general practitioners in Warkworth. She teaches undergraduate medical students, postgraduate doctors and registrars in General Practice training programmes. Dr Baddock considers general practice her ideal job and says the best moments in medicine are when you know you've made a difference. 


Elizabeth Berryman

Liz Berryman is a 5th-year medical student, and a past-president of the Otago and New Zealand Medical Students' Associations. Liz believes that New Zealand has the potential to be a world leader in healthcare, which can only be possible if we all take action and work in unity tackling the tough questions and stand up for what is right, by fostering innovation and challenging status quo.


Michael Chen-Xu

Michael is an RMO based in Wellington. Not only is Michael a member of the NZMA Board, he is Chair of the NZMA Health Information Technology Sub-committee. Michael has a strong interest in quality improvement and healthcare delivery, and the role of data in the development of health and social policy.He is a past member of the NZMA DiTC, and has a proven record of accomplishment and governance with the NZMSA.


Catherine Hallagan

Catherine is an experienced General Practitioner in Wellington and a director of Tawa Medical Centre, a large multicultural practice. Catherine is also on the audit committee for Compass Health.


Scott Metcalfe

Dr Metcalfe is a Wellington-based public health physician, working as Chief Advisor Population Medicine and Deputy Medical Director for the government medicines funding agency PHARMAC, with longstanding leadership in clinical epidemiology and health economics. Scott is active on the Policy Committee of the NZ College of Public Health Medicine, and the Executive board of OraTaiao: The NZ Climate & Health Council, where he was founding Co-Convenor. Originally an Auckland graduate, he trained in the Wellington region’s hospitals and general practice before public health medicine. Advocacy for best equitable health outcomes for patients and populations is Scott’s priority.


Ruth Spearing

Dr Spearing is a hematologist and previous Clinical Director in Christchurch. She has been the Chair of the Canterbury Hospitals Medical Staff Association for the since 2003, a position which is elected on a yearly basis. This group, which has a wide-based constitution, has worked very successfully with management to help bring about major changes and improvement in health care and patient safety – things which helped to put the health system in a strong position at the time of the earthquakes. She is an elected member and Deputy Chair of the CDHB Clinical Board. 


Harvey White, Chair, Specialist Council

Prof Harvey White is the Chair of the NZMA Specialist Council and a cardiologist. He gained his medical degree at the University of Otago and currently works as the Director of Coronary Care at Greenlane Cardiovascular Research Unit at Auckland City Hospital, and as Honorary Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Auckland. He started his career as a House Surgeon at Kew Hospital in New Zealand in 1974 and moved to work at Greenlane Hospital in 1978 as a Cardiology Registrar.