Magnus Cheesman, PGY3, Chair

Current place of work: Waikato DHB – Hooray for the Tron!

I'm part of the DiTC because: Someone has to be involved with consultation on issues that will affect our immediate and future practice, and I wanted to be that someone.The DiTC is a good place to be involved in advocacy regarding matters that have a direct impact on us as doctors and future doctors.

Interests outside of medicine: Outside of work I enjoy time spent at home with my wife, children and extended family, weekends away with friends to fish and play poker, having a jam on piano or guitar, watching a good film, and/or playing football (albeit badly).

Why should RMOs be NZMA members?: Aside from the member benefits (Noel Leeming and Beaurepaires already proving useful for me) it is also good to be part of an organisation where we can stay abreast and informed about what current topics are hot in medicine. NZMA supplies avenues to express your opinion on current medical issues (when you have a strong desire to share and are not sure what to do, we are right here). Even if you do not feel passionately enough to ever participate in active advocacy yourself, just by being a member of the NZMA you supply support to those who do, being a member therefore is one of the easiest ways to be involved in promotion and support of our profession.


Hazel Wilks, PGY1 Rep 2018, Deputy Chair

Current place of work: Rotorua

I'm part of the DiTC because: Being on the DiTC combines my strengths and interests so I can work to benefit my PGY1 colleagues. I love advocacy, organising stuff, and working as part of a team that makes waves!

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise NZMA members: ? I’m passionate about ethical fashion and op-shopping, and often wear very bold clothes to work which is super fun! Am also passionate about recycling and sustainability and believe that we need to do better with this in our hospitals.

Why are you a member of the NZMA? I absolutely support the work of the NZMA in being a uniting voice for doctors in New Zealand, across specialties, hospitals, and communities. The power of this is significant to the public at large. Where I may not personally be able to express a view, I trust the NZMA to speak on behalf of doctors. This is especially pertinent with highly controversial issues on the platform in 2018 such as euthanasia and medicinal cannabis.

 Thomas Wong  

Thomas Wong

Current place of work: Auckland City Hospital, Medical Registrar.

I'm part of the DiTC because: I have previously enjoyed advocacy roles within Waikato Hospital during my house officer years. I felt that I made an appreciable difference to the system and I would like to take that experience to a national level.

Interests outside of medicine: Travel photography and baking delicious bread.

Why should RMOs be NZMA members: It is the only way to be part of a collective voice for all doctors in New Zealand, from all backgrounds and specialties, across all levels of training. The NZMA is in constant talks with the Government, Ministry of Health, ACE scheme (and many others!) and advocates in the best interests of RMOs to protect the future of our profession. Like vaccination, advocacy only works when most of the population is involved - so please join! The more members there are, the stronger the voice of our profession can be.


Carrie Bryers

Current place of work: Auckland

Training Programme: Public Health Registrar 

I'm part of the DiTC because: Getting through medical school is challenging enough, unfortunately once out in the working environment, new challenges arise. Prioritising options within bottlenecked training pathways, keeping ahead of the future of medicine and maintaining our wellbeing among a work-life balance are just to name a few. There are lots of discussions happening and I want to ensure we remain to have our say. 

As a postgraduate PGY3, I bring previous advocacy experience working on medical education at NDHB, student body organisations within medicine and nursing as well as wider rural and Maori health committees around New Zealand. I’ll bring your voice and my mana. I look forward to representing you. Kia Ora 

 Fraser Jeffery



Fraser Jeffery, NZMSA President

Current place of study: I will be a Trainee Intern, based in at the Christchurch University of Otago, for the 2019 year.

I'm part of the DiTC because: I'm a part of the DiTC as the President of NZMSA, I represent the interests of medical students across the country. The voice of medical students is very important on the DiTC with an increasingly large cohort of future doctors flowing through the system in the coming years.

Interests outside of medicine: Outside of medicine I enjoy exploring the South Island with my tramping boots on and my camera in hand, keeping up with the world around me, reading, and watching/playing sports including football, tennis, cricket and golf!

Why should RMOs be NZMA members: It's becoming more and more important for doctors to be advocates in their communities and within the wider health system. That begins early on in their career as RMOs and the NZMA is the best place to come together as a profession to add our collective voice into wider public debates.

 Megan De Lambert  

Megan De Lambert, PGY1 Rep 2019

Current place of work: Bay of Plenty

I'm part of the DiTC because: I wanted a platform to be able to actively care about issues myself and my peers have and may have in the future with regards to be a training doctor. I also hoped to improve training doctors' awareness of what NZMA does and bring a fresh, enthusiastic perspective to the council which advises such an important association like NZMA. 

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise NZMA members: I am 1/8th First Nations, the indigenous people of Canada (despite my blonde hair)!

Why are you a member of the NZMA? NZMA is the only association across NZ which is serving all doctors - GPs, specialists and training doctors. By being a member, NZMA can continue to serve and get perspectives from such an important part of the medical community - the up and coming training doctors.