NZMA Doctors-in-Training Council

The NZMA’s Doctors-in-Training Council (DiTC) represents the interests of NZMA RMO, trainee intern, and medical student members. It provides support, advocacy and representation to NZMA members who are the future of the medical profession.

The DiTC advises the NZMA Board about issues of relevance to doctors-in-training (DiT), contributes to NZMA responses to government policy proposals, and develops its own policies and resources. The DiTC also provides a forum for constructive collaboration with non-RMO doctor groups.

The DiTC meets four times a year, and is represented twice yearly at the NZMA Council. The DiTC Chair sits on the NZMA Board. The DiTC chair is ex-officio on the NZMSA executive. The DiTC is also an invited observer to the Australian Medical Association Council of Doctors-in-Training.

DiTC members:

Dr Sudhvir Singh (Chair), Dr Michael Chen-Xu, Dr Liz Conner, Dr Alastair Dunne, Dr Maria Gibbons, Dr Matt Johnston, Dr Staverton Kautoke, Dr Alistair Loan, Dr Anna Morrow, Marise Stuart (NZMSA representative), Dr Mark Peterson (Chair, NZMA, ex officio), Lesley Clarke (CEO, NZMA, ex officio).


Find out more about the work the DiTC is doing to represent you by reading the DiTC newsletter Tinnitus. It's succinct, informative and provides an excellent summary of issues discussed at DiTC meetings. Tinnitus is emailed to members. Read past issues of Tinnitus in our publications section.